FR200 Testimonials

A few elite individuals had an opportunity to test drive the Ford Focus FR200 on the track.  Check out what they said…

Motor Trend

“As I learned in the slalom, the muscular  Focus quite literally claws its way around turns as the gas is squeezed on.”

“Its brakes were strong and fade-free, and the harder it was driven, the better it responded and spoke to the driver.”

“Nearly telepathic chassis dynamics.”

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Tommy Kendall

Tom Kendall is a 10-time road racing champion who is best known for his three-time consecutive SCAA Trans Am championships in Roush Ford Mustangs from 1994-1997.  Outside of his other Trans Am championship in 1990, he also won titles in IMSA GTU from 1986, ’87 and ’88, IMSA GTS in 1993, IMSA Firehawk in 1986, and IMSA GTP Triple Crown in 1991.  

“The FR200 is a little beast and I mean that in a very good way.  A lot of people say that I act like I’m a 17-year-old at times, but maybe that helps me understand better what this car is all about.  The truth is…..  it’s a gas.  It was quite a charge for me to get that much horsepower out of a front-wheel-drive car.  It’s got a great power plant and the power comes in through the turbo very smoothly, which is terrific.  The amazing thing is that it also handles so well for that much power coming through the front wheels.  I’d say it’s a perfect blend of power and handling in a front wheel drive car.”

Hot Rod 

“We were able to pilot all three prototypes at southern California’s Willow Springs International Raceway, and we had a blast. The car screams. It takes some finesse to launch it without blowing off the tires, but once it starts moving, you’re in hyperspace and bouncing off the rev limiter before your brain has a chance to send the “grab second” message to your right hand. Damn, that turbo spools fast. Jump off the clutch too abruptly after the 1-2 shift and the front tires are spinning again. Two heartbeats later you chirp the tires while going into third, and the grin on your face threatens to split your mug right in two.

That kind of super-quick acceleration is just one of the FR200’s strong points. Pitch it into a corner (remember,  the front tires are both steering and driving, so it’ll feel different than your rear-driver) and you’ll find you can easily tune your cornering attitude with the wheel, the throttle or both. The g-loads you can pull in this car are strong enough that you’ll find yourself using both hands on the wheel to muscle it around the turns,  which is okay, since the turbo motor is torqued enough that you aren’t constantly shifting to keep it in its sweet spot.

Top speed? Well, we weren’t ballsy enough to find the outer edge of the envelope on Willow Springs’ pit straight before the first turn came up.   Suffice it to say that the speedometer was indicating 120, the car was pulling strong in fourth, and the tach was still far to the left of redline before we hit our braking points for the corner.”

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Super Street Online

“Our seat time in the FR200 was short, but it didn’t take a lot of laps for the car to make an impression. Useable boost was on line at about 2,400 rpm and the 15 psi max was a quick blip of the throttle away. The suspension did an outstanding job in the corners as well as fending off torque steer when full boost hit.”  Read more:

Sport Compact Car

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