Ford Focus FR200 Concept Cars – For Sale

Welcome to the home of the Ford Focus FR200 Concept Cars!

They’re NOT a myth… They ARE a legend… and they ARE REAL!

You have heard about them, read about them, and now you can own them!!

Built in 2000,  these one-of-a-kind gems are truly the crème de la crèmes of the Subcompact Muscle Car Craze,  spurred on by the “Fast & Furious” movie franchise.   The silver FR200 was actually in the movie “2 Fast 2 Furious.”    The red FR200 was showcased at the premiere opening of the movie in the  Detroit area in 2003.

Ford Motor Company  designed and tested the Focus FR200’s (FR=Ford Racing) with Ford Racing at the helm, and designated McLaren Vehicle Development Center for the building and fabrication of these unique vehicles.   The mission was to build a car with the ultimate combination of high horsepower and superior handling for a sport compact car.    The result was three FR200 vehicles, at a cost of over $225,000 each, only the third Ford project to date with the FR designation  (FR100 project, 1953 truck one-off, and the FR500 project).

These two cars are the ONLY REAL FR200`s in existence today. Three were produced and one was destroyed after testing.

These two FR200s were featured on the cover of both Motor Trend and Sport Compact Car magazine.   Click below to see the actual cover.  Legible articles available upon request.

Red FR200 -SportCompactCoverSilver Car - Motor Trend Cover

Ford Focus FR200 WOW  Factors

  • Custom designed and built carbon fiber body race cars.
  • 304 horsepower from a four-cylinder engine at the wheels.  Approximately 340 horsepower from the crankshaft.
  • 580-watt specially-designed JBL sound system
  • “Nearly telepathic chassis dynamics” ….Motor Trend
  • Super low mileage:  Silver FR200 – 629 miles.  Red FR200 – 4,967 miles.
  • These cars were showcased  to the world at the track and in show.

What We Offer in a Nutshell

  • The only two FR200s (Ford Racing 200s) in existence today
  • Made in America.  Detroit built and designed.
  • Built by two powerhouses — Ford Racing and McLaren Performance Technologies.  Click here and scroll down to see McLaren proudly displaying their FR200 concept cars.
  • A true no-holds-barred prototype, concept performance vehicle
  • Two Carbon Fiber body cars for street, race or show.  They show FANTASTIC!
  • Both cars in pristine condition.  Since birth, they have been very well maintained with proper covers in secure storage areas.
  • Two very low-mileage vehicles in original condition.  No alterations have been made.
  • Two historical collector vehicles.
  • Both are turnkey and waiting to roar.
  • Cars tested by Motor Trend Magazine with their own drivers.  No ringers.
  • Two of the most sought after rare muscle subcompact cars out there
  • All specs and parts are well documented down to the detail (see link above).
  • Two real “Show and Go” concept vehicles
  • One real “Movie Car” from 2 Fast 2 Furious. (Silver FR200)
  • Promotional Items including a media package with a CD, framed pictures,  original JBL 580-watt programming CD, and miscellaneous vehicle documentation.
  • Original extra parts –  Snowflake wheels, four spare new tires, special side windows.
  • Original show paint matching Ford Racing license plate, original keys on chain.
  • Original vehicle window sticker
  • Two original magazines (Motor Trend and Sport Compact Car) featuring the FR200s on the cover.
  • A constant head turner and crowd pleaser at any show
  • A real down-to-earth driving experience that is very unique to its nature.

These two vehicles are very well documented with build details, specifications, and test data on both paper and the World Wide Web.


Media Press Kit Included